We've sold more high quality, common sense training wheels for mini-bikes than anyone on the planet. We know what parents are looking for; durability, functionality and easy installation at a reasonable cost. Our training wheels are intended for temporary, short-term use as an aid to teach your child how to balance and build self-confidence.

Because we've learned that so many of our training wheel sets get passed down to younger brothers and sisters, or even friends and neighbors, we've made some improvements to maximize your investment and help them last longer:

We've changed the width of our brackets from 1" to 1-1/4" for increased strength, then we took it a step further and are using a heat-treated, higher carbon steel for additional resistance to bending.
We're now using a Silverado powder coat finish on the wheel hubs for improved appearance and durability.

Our training wheel sets are built to last and as with all MC Enterprises' products, they are made in the USA and carry a full one-year warranty. The details are available on this website.

Available for the 50cc Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki models shown on our products page.

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Teach your kids to ride safely and the memories can last a lifetime!