For parents who prefer an alternative to our popular 100 Series, our new 200 Series Deluxe Training Wheels feature significant improvements over similar products found in the market.

Footpegs retain their original, factory location.
Swept back design positions the wheels more in line with the rider for improved handling and appearance.
Narrowed stance to help in avoiding obstructions while retaining stability.
Slightly lower to the ground to help alleviate the panic reactions some kids have when the bike tilts to one side at low speed.
After initial installation and with a little practice, our quick release features allow field installation or removal, without tools, in about a minute.
Heavy duty three-piece wheel and hub with sealed bearings and pneumatic tires.
Powder coated to compliment/match bike frame color.
Kid tested.
Full one year warranty, the strongest in the industry.
Free replacement parts. Click for details.
Made in the USA.

Available for the 50cc Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki models shown on our products page.

See our original 100 Series Training Wheels

As with our 100 Series training wheels, which we have been producing for over thirty years, our new 200 Series are intended to be a temporary training aid, not a permanent fixture.

Although designed and built to withstand the rigors of off-road use, any product no matter how well made can be damaged through misuse or abuse. Activities such as jumping hills, riders beyond the recommended weight capacity of the bike, etc. will likely result in damage to the product and will not be covered under our warranty.